Tennis Serve Lesson

EDIT: Here are instructions for finding the right grip. Use the diagram!

This is a demonstration of how to practice the basic steps of the serve. The little girl in the video is one of my students, a 9 year old girl.

I made this for all of my tennis students. Learn well from this, students!!

This is my first video. I hope you enjoy it. πŸ™‚

(1) Ball toss
(2) Knee bend
(3) Arm swing
(4) Weight transfer

GRIP: I am using a continental grip. I use a continental grip on every serve, since it is the standard grip for good power + topspin.
RACQUET: I am using a Babolat Pure Control Plus. It's an old model, and my racquets are about 8-9 years old because I'm too poor to afford new ones. ^^

My name is Joseph Lee and I have been teaching privately for 3 years. I was a USTA ranked junior in 2003-2004. I played in several Futures tournaments in those years as well. Now I teach as a part-time job while I am attending college. Two of my students have gone on to become USTA junior champions.