Tennis players learning tennis kick serve but should first need to learn technique behind this shot. In this video, you will learn how to hit a kick serve in tennis.
This tennis kick serve drill will help you learn how to hit a kick serve or topspin serve.

A kick serve will give your opponent more problems by kicking up high to their backhands.

And lets face it, nobody likes hitting high backhands.

We call this serve drill the dirty diaper to help you with the kick serve.

The dirty diaper kick serve drill will help you learn the swing path needed to hit a truly great tennis kick serve.

First get down on your front knee and have the back leg up.

From this position, try and toss the ball over the head for the kick serve.

*If you do not toss the ball on top of your head or behind it, it will make it extremely difficult to hit a tennis kick serve.

During the motion of the serve you want to try and hit the left side of the ball if you are a right-handed player and the right side of the ball if you are left-handed.

The big key to hitting the tennis kick serve is being able to brush up on the ball.

To make that easier during the kick serve, actually lean into the court instead of rotation while trying to make contact.

At the end, try to keep the elbow up and the palm of your hand facing you.

Adding the kick serve to your game will help increase the consistency of your serve.

The three main points to take away for the kick serve are:
1. Toss the ball further over your head
2. Lean into the court instead of rotating
3. Have the palm of your hand face you at the end

Kick serves are more consistent than slice serves. Learning the correct kick serve technique will help you improve your serving game today!

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