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Tennis Serve – Basic Serve Technique

A reliable serve is the most important shot in tennis. Mastering the basic serve technique isn't easy – watch this guide and follow the progressions tips to get…

Tennis Serve – How To Serve In Tennis Techniques And Tips For Effective Serving

This video will teach you how to serve in tennis and give you the proper serving techniques to become a powerful tennis player. You'll learn tennis tips on…

Tennis Serve Lesson

EDIT: Here are instructions for finding the right grip. Use the diagram! http://www.ushsta.org/PLAYERS/PUBLICAREA/HSTMAG/2002/902hstgrips.htm This is a demonstration of how to practice the basic steps of the serve. The…

Tennis Serve- Topspin Serve Technique

Mastered the basic serve? Want to put spin on your serve to add variety and make the return more challenging for your opponent? Want to hit a topspin…

Tennis Serve – intosport.com Tennis Academy – How to serve

WATCH THE NEW DAVID LLOYD LEISURE TENNIS SCHOOL VIDEOS FROM INTOSPORT.COM Register now FOR FREE at intosport.com – the home of world class coaching, online and free! Get…

142mph Serve – Racquet hits the ball 6000fps Super slow motion (from Olympus IMS)

Fastest serve ever Japanese wonderkid Asuka Sakai

http://www.ttEDGE.com – Table Tennis Coaching. Check out the fastest serve ever by Japanese wonderkid and future World Champion Asuka Sakai.

The gayest tennis serve

Belgian tennis player serving at the London GLTA Gay Tennis Tournament.

Andy Roddick greatest serve ever

Andy Roddick serves a ball on clay and it gets stuck. Fake or not? You be the judge!

Forehand And Backhand Topspin Drill

Topspin forehand and backhand drill. Learn how to do a perfect topspin. Go to: http://www.onlinetennisinstruction.com/page/lftpyt?Forehand+And+Backhand+Topspin+Drill+ and learn how to hit bigger serves&forehands with our Free Learn From The…